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    Welcome to the Club Penguin Golds Army! This is an army that has been dated back to 2006-2008, it was dead by then. But then a new set of leaders has brought back the Golds army, and those leaders are Spi101 and Flo. Join The Golds Army to help us become one of the best armies ever!

    -CP Golds Leaders

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  • Hey there, It's Spi. I am a fellow Golds Leader leading alongside with Flo and Andrew24. I joined armies in around December 2010, I made my first army called the Water Tribe. It had a max of 18 and an average of 8-15, but then they died because they were hacked too much. My first army was the Nachos, my second was the ACP, and my third was the Light Troops[R.I.P LT, Yes, they have died]. If you would like to know more about me, please pc me on chat. After reading this, you should head over to the Join page and Join the Golds Army, and help us become one of the successful armies ever.

    -Spi101, Golds Leader/Dark Warriors 3ic

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The End

Hello Golds,

Today is the day we will end our journey to be the greatest army we could be. In the past, we’ve maxed over 35+, and we’ve made it to the top 5 several times. I don’t know how to put this but, I want to focus on DW and don’t let another army get in my way. Andrew is right, the Golds is a hard army to bring back to the top. It takes dedication and sacrifice to make an army what it was and will be. This is the end, and no other person can bring back Golds without Circa (Krypt), Andrew, Johanwillfur or my (flo) approval. You must be given the throne from at least 3 out of the 4 of us. If you want to bring back Golds, you take them to the top. I do believe the Golds should be alive, but it’s too much work with me and spi being owners in DW. Well, looks like this will be the last post in a long time.






-more to be added-

R.I.P Golds



Golds are opening today

Hey Golds, 

Today we are officially re-opening, and since we are opening, we had an unscheduled event. We had 10+ on CP with great tactics. I just hope CPAC puts us at least on the 15th spot, but erm, comment if you made it.

We just need to work on getting more troops.


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Events || Leader Applications

Spi Edit: The Navy of Club Penguin has merged into us. Just an update.

Hello Golds,

This is our one chance to regain our spot in the top 5. Training sessions and recruiting is the key to the top 5. This army has capability of reaching sizes of 30+, I know we can do it. Me and Spi are thinking of a new leader also. We will be doing leader applications if you want to be a leader, but you can only be in 2 armies including Golds if your going to apply, or we’ll deny your application. Anyways, training sessions and u-leads here we come..

Training Session: 

Date: Sunday, December 30th

Server: Icebound


1PM Pacific or Penguin Standard Time

2PM Mountain Standard Time

3PM Central Standard Time

4PM Eastern Standard Time

9PM Greenwhich Mean Time (GMT) or (UK)


Training Session: 

Date: Monday, December 31st

Server: Icebound


11PM Pacific or Penguin Standard Time

12PM Mountain Standard Time

1PM Central Standard Time

2PM Eastern Standard Time

7PM Greenwhich Mean Time (GMT) or (UK)


Recruiting Session:

Date: Wednesday, January 2nd

Server: Snowboard


2PM Pacific or Penguin Standard Time

3PM Mountain Standard Time

4PM Central Standard Time

5PM Eastern Standard Time

10PM Greenwhich Mean Time (GMT) or (UK)


Leader Applications:

What is your Club Penguin (and or) Xat Username?

What is your experience in Club Penguin Armies?

How many years have you been in Club Penguin Warfare?

Write 2 Paragraphs on what you can do for Golds (benefits).

Comment if you can make the events, and please comment on the leader applications, we need one leader more to carry this army further into the history books.

Flo – Golds Leader

“Once you go gold, you never go old”

Event #1 Results

Hey Golds,

P.S: Sorry for the late post, wordpress wouldn’t load for me. I apologize for that, but at least the post is done.

We did decent today, but I expect better tomorrow. We had a max of 12 and had an average of 10, judging from the whole event.


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Unscheduled Event

Hey Golds,

This wasn’t our BEST unscheduled event, but we did at least maintain 7+ on CP. Click Read more for pics 🙂

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Active Count

Hi guys.

I am just posting an active count to see how many of you are active. So just copy and paste these questions into your comment box and answer them.

CP Name:


How active are you? (1-10):



CP Name: Skipper233

Rank: Leader

How active are you? (1-10): 10

Thank you! make sure you comment and stay active.


Spi Edit: Everything is prepared. Golds, check back at Saturday, we will be returning that day. I will schedule tons of events for us, and if we get 20+ in our second event, It’s promotions. If we average 15-17 around that point, I will probably declare war on an army that looks fit for us.

Hey Golds,

We will be re-opening next saturday, which is 12/29/12. To prepare for that day, we MUST recruit at least 15 people in this army, because we have a lot of days to prepare. Here is a bit of a checklist that I made.

  • – Get the site prepared[X]
  • Get at least 5-15 troops in this army[X]
  • -Scheduling planned events, practice battles, and maybe a war if the leaders decide to[X]

Golds, let’s make this one of the best generations ever. I have high hopes for this army, and we must not fail this time.

Shiny but Mighty.

-Spi Golds Leader/Dark Warriors 3ic